Nov 2006

I am for Sale ...

Human For Sale

According to the a small test... I am worth $1,638,260 on HumanForSale.com.

The statistics ...

Gender: Male $200,000
Age: 26 $30,000
Ethnicity: Middle Eastern $130,000
Height: 5'8 ($5,000)
Weight: 160 lbs. $0
Body Type: Average $0
Hair Color: Brown $5,000
Eye Color: Green $5,000
Handed: Left $0
Body Hair: A Little Hairy $10,000
Shoe Size: 10 $1,000
Bald: No $10,000
20/20 Eyesight: No $0
Penis Size: N/A inches $5,000
Cavities: None $5,000
Athletic Ability: Above Average $75,000
Attractiveness: NA $60,000
IQ: 95 ($66,670)
SAT Score: 1200 $40,600
HS GPA: 3.6 $34,200
Education: Doctorate Degree $75,000
Bilingual: Yes $10,000
Income: NA $5,000
Profession: Healthcare $0
Alcohol: Seldom $0
Smoker: No $15,000
Pot: No $10,000
Drugs: NA $0
Exercise: Occasionally $5,000
Divorced: No $0
Comitted Felony: No $15,000
Watch Television: Never $0
Sexuality: Straight $25,000
Style: Average $30,000
Artistic: Above Average $45,000
Sense of Humor: Above Average $45,000
Addictive Personality: NA $0
Give to Charity: Yes $25,000
Adult Content: Seldom $0
Gamble: Never $0
Multiplier x2

Total: $1,638,260 So does anybody wants to buy me ...? I can put myself also on ebay ...

Χωρς εσνα / Sin Ti / Without you

Portrait Without A Face by etc etc etc

Photo : Etc-etc-etc

You ...
They say that you forget while flying away, those rusty faces, the old fairies, tired genies and douples jumping from the terraces. Paradises with lights turned off and flying cops over the city. You learn to live without me but you can't stand your secret force. Photographs are dancing on the space and you are hunting them and you try to vanish them in the night. So mysterious hours, the bars empty and with soft music you are spinning on the world's stage. You feel like living in a hell with wet faces, pale angels, soulless soldiers of fortune. For sure was difficult to learn to live without me but i know that you can't stand your secret force.

Yo ...
Creo de no recordarte más', mis ojos pesados para verte y miro una vieja foto tuya quien ha escrito de este modo extraño. Ahora tengo una nueva casa qué nunca no has visto, ahora tengo una máquina qué nunca has entrado y un dolore, ah! che dolor mi amor, qué nunca no has imaginado. Porque todo va adelante sin ti y ahora esto se llama vida. Pensaba que te ha olvidado pero las noches que el tiempo conto el solo tu mano hace nudos con mi pelo tu caricia, este ancla me mata.

Me ...
Without you the night goes away when daytime comes and always after Sunday is Monday and the Earth always turns like a blue bullet. Without you the rivers always will always flow into the oceans and the birds will go south for the winter and the stars will wait for wishes every single night. Without you however I would die and I don't care about anything in this life if we're not going to be together. Since without you every new thing dies from my old habits and children will always hear stories but a thousand lies will always defeat one truth. Yours ...

Tu ...
Te perdí en las calles que me ligaron para siempre y junto con las callejas, junto con los puertos. Te perdí porque no tuve las alas y tuve tu mi amor. porque tuve tantos sueños y el puerto, y el puerto es tan pequeño porque siempre era solo y tu non quiere siempre seré sola ...

Me ...
Hours of silence and I lose myself in the white of your eyes. Hours of silence and I find myself at the edges of your lips. If only, dear little moment, you could endure through time. If only you could light this emptiness of mine. For sure the songs are to blame, that took me by the hand, some small poems of shivering lovers like us ... But my love those little moments, who will give them back to us? Whatever I loved, I owe it to you. Hours of silence and I was believing your "yes" and your "no". Hours of silence and I was in seventh heaven. Living in a live dream, I don't know if it takes me in, but love set me a light, that is why I sing to you. And that is why i still love you ...

Το γρμμα ενς αρρστου / Τhe letter of a sick

The Last Letter by galifardeu

Photo : Galifardeu


My friend Vas, greetings and let it be a dream that i am away from you as the loneliness melts my heart and makes it bleed.
Please take two little kisses for me and this little letter flower for you and as tomorrow that is friday wear your nice clothes for me and remember that I love you very much.

This winter came somehow sweet and even in the army camps grew little flowers. Yesterday i went out and visited my parents. They are sending their greetings to you.

I also received your letter and i am happy that you ask me how I am, how I am doing, Let me tell you that the doctor said to my mother that in a few days, I will die... You see that it has been a long that I am bored by reading, always the same books that I have here and always I wished something new to learn, that would bring me a little change. And as i said before the news came yesterday, unexpectedly as the doctor was speaking lowly, in the corridor and when I heard it, in the room started to getting dark and the noise of the street stopped. I cried of course, under my blanket as I felt after too sorry for him. Just think, so young to die but to myself, at once, I promised to appear, as always, brave. But once again for him i am worried to much.

Really i hope for him to remember, that I dreamt of travels with him and I had dividers and a map and always I was preparing to leave and always he was saying to me : Not now amor this summer ....

Now, on the window, i drew a small ship and a verse from Magr that I have scratched from an old book that was saying "The kind of sorrow that is hidden in travels is infinite!" so I am leaving too on a journey that others decided for me long time ago.

So please give to all my friends greetings and if it happens that you meet him, tell him that I have left on a freighter and that he should no longer wait for me.

Really, I 'd like Death to come in the likeness of a captain, to take me stamping, with his heavy leather boots and smoking a long chibouk as the old pirates films i used to see with him.

Vas, I feel now that I tired you maybe also I made you cry, you won't find, of course, words for an answer but you won't take the trouble to write me back ...

(It is a fantastic letter that i beleived that my eternaly beloved could send to my best friend Vas in case that she will never managed to get treated for her illness... yes it is too hard to lose someone by this way ..)

Δεν τη βρσκω την κρη / No encuentro la solución ...

Missing by GhostofaRose

Photo : CristofaRose

Tengo miedo llamarte para decirte, cuánto sólo me siento y en los pasillos de mi mente te estoy buscando ahora con gran deseo

¿Dónde puedo reclinar mi cuerpo cuando vuelvo de los bares y el permanecer para arriba?
¿Dónde puedo encontrarte mi amor que me digas que me amas sinceramente, si aún tú no estás más ahora aquí?

La noche lejos de ti parece irritante como el pecado, pero tu rostro escapa de un lugar secreto y me pulsa con violencia.

Solamente tú tienes la solución que estoy buscando, la solución que estoy pidiendo. Ma hace años estás bloqueado en tus ruedas dentadas, que por muchos días canto...

Ma no encuentro la solución y un ningún lugar y díme qué hacer, he llenado de manera sofocante, toda mi habitación con humo y el tiempo se ríe de mí como un bebé...

Θα θελα να σου π κτι / I wanted to tell you something

Photo : Paixaum

As the time goes by, sometimes it sees that everyone is looking for joy but the joy they are looking for passes through their pockets. Then it says to the heaven that here, on earth, someone steals as I always give them real time but always there's nothing left. So as time goes by sometimes it sees that others step in line for thousands "must" and then it says to the heaven once again on earth, someone steals as I always give them real time but always there's nothing left and still they do not care.

Tell me now, in how much time, in how many years you will finish work, so I can give you something, like a third eye, so that you can see me everytiome you want, now and then. Just tell me now, in which other country, you would rather walk on, Europe, Asia...

I was about to send you a letter with all my complains.
Yes I was about to do it but my tears didn't let me to.
I was crying, crying, crying in my loneliness.

But what kind of letter should i send you and what words shall i write you as with all the energy it has left in i am shouting i love you.

I was about to send you a letter that includes my heart.
Yes i was about to do it hoping that a miracle will happen, i was about to come back to you ...

But what kind of letter should this time, bring you back to me ... ?

( I would like to thank the Devian user Paixaum for the photo and for the collaboration. )

Γεννσεως ημρα / Feliz compleanos

Your my Heart by pAiXAuM

Photo : Paixaum


Behind flirting and joking I'm hiding the boredom of my life in studying and work as the cries of my fear are drowning. Surrounded by smoke and books I'm seeking to find balance underneath hymns and curses and I'm hiding the scars of my love for you. I won't forget you ever and even beyond death I know I will love you even more than my own life since it's your life that counts for me.

For you...

Love me so I don't feel alone, love me gently like a child and I will be the wave and you the rock, I will be the flame and you the candle. We said always together, always forever in the struggle we call life always together and if problems should come they will find us together forever. So love me if you believe in me, love me without how and why and even if our destiny's trains are leaving, just select one and we will leave together again.

Feliz Compleanos mi amor ...

( I would like to thank the Devian user Paixaum for the photo and for the collaboration. )

Η πρωιν μας παρσταση / Our morning's act


Photo : Dilated

For them we still are spectators and actors of the same play, lovers of a lost night with a guitar on Athen's balcony and from today to the past and students of the absence, with a sound that 's looks like a soul of a lifesaver.

But what I hear you can hear too, in secret worlds and you will discover with me a forgotten land that is surrendered to the times and as for all the foxy customers of a life trapped unders hudge stones we will not fall.

They say that it is a scenario with no story, a history jam and as for the years you were charged to live with me no songs can save you and so which relatives can you get together with, and what truth can you confess to them?

We 'll find different rythmes, in our songs' and words' cliffs, we 'll walk even this day, once again like acrobats through the words and the songs, we 'll separate our time's oracles from their illusions. We can not be touched any more.

For them we will still be spectators and actors of the same play, you and I are fanatics singers of the craziest power since our sounds are our protestors and our lyrics are bombers as they still beleive that this play is a fiction game that we will lose soon.

Always on the same set and with our soul's blackboard we use our emotions as chockes to write on. We do not need air any more as we both want to start right here, to see things in a different way and to say to the world "good evening" again and to go to fuck themselves forever.

Forgive me anger but honestly, I feel you as my own night's only kiss. Honestly I will find myself and I will be born once more in your arms and i wanted to thank you for coming into my life like a summer dream. Thank you for touching my soul since now I can love again, YOU.

Honestly, I'm not afraid of time anymore, which for sure passes quickly for the two of us. Honestly many nights I'm breaking up from the pain, but with you, happyness, smiles at me again each time.

Take care mi amor and remember we only wait for them to start clapping their hands. We were born to win in every cost ...

Το πακτο ... / The parcel


Photo : DannyHavok

Your breath is my breath too my love, your memories are mine too.
Your pictures leave into my eyes above and your remorses are my guiltiness too...

My body is made by your flesh and your dreams are my dreams too.
My mouth is made by your kiss and your smell is my favourite perfume....

And if somebody says that in this life we are coming alone and we 're leaving alone answer to him that I am here just because you are here too and when you 'll leave, I 'll be in the same truck with you...

Apology for the first time / Perdon por la primera vez


Photo : Paixaum

Mi amor,

My life had been always full but i was complaining.
I had the world's goodies and all the love but i was still complaining.
Till one day pain and distress knocked my door.
You see mi amor, when someone was touching my wings, i was turning into an eagle and flying away.
But i was looking the world throught my dreams and whoever was desroying them i was hurting him.
And suddenly i saw my world spinning around, i saw what is like to be empty-handed.
And suddenly once again, i saw my life separating me from everything i thought it lasts forever, you.
And then was the time i cried with my most bitter tears and i apologised to my life, you, for the first time.

I said i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry.

I apologised to my life, you, for the first time.

( I would like to thank once again the Devian user Paixaum for the photo and for the collaboration. )

You and Me (a dialog we never shared) / Tu y Yo (un diálogo que nunca hicimos)

You ...


Photo by : WhiteSpeed

Es Infiel, es descaradamente infiel, llega a su casa y besa con los labios aún llenos de otra saliva, llega a la cama y permite que su pareja se trague los fluídos secos de la otra persona adheridos adrede a su sexo. Aún suenan los ecos del orgasmo del otro y empiezan los cantos ingenuos de este amante. Hay que cuidarse de nombrar correctamente, pero resulta morboso pensar que acabas de estar con otra.
A cuántas personas besamos al besar a una?
Cuántas personas nos cojen mientras nos cojemos a una?
Qué tan descarados somos?
Cuánto nos jugamos y cuánto apostamos?

Es así de crudo el día a día del amante, así de extremo, así de seco. Los labios siempre bañados de la saliva de vari@s, el sexo de costumbre universal. Para el que sabe: morbo, para el que ignora: otra en su cuerpo , adentro.
Quienes somos mas crudos los hombres o las mujeres?

Ella se bajó del taxi secando con su mano sus labios, subió corriendo las escaleras, mientras tocaba el timbre de la casa, volteó y vió el auto alejarse , una mano diciendo adios desde adentro, un hombre abre la puerta, con un rostro angelical, deslumbrante y hermoso ella sonríe y se acerca, un largo beso francés:

- Hola Amor! Qué tal tu día?

And Me...


Photo by : Wh_trash

Tell me why everything is bad when you are away.
Tell me why should I miss your embrace so much.
Tell me why you are doing circles in my head.
Tell me why I cant stand myself no more.

In bars and in motels, at streets and pavements I am seeking to find eyes like your's.
In bars and in motels I am trying to convince myself that I'm over you, I had heaven and I realized it when i lost you.

Tell me why everything reminds me of you, the silence, the thrown away clothes.
Tell me why you are doing circles in my head.
Tell me why I dont recognize myself no more.

Can't you see that we live our little tales in midtown and in suburbs? Drunken dreams, abandoned plans, desperate phonecalls.

I think again that you were not everything I dreamed for, but I remember that night on the sidewalk, I saw the eyes of sorrow smiling to me and killing me with their silence. I saw also god in them, looking out-forgotten, on the street you started to walk alone, searching an answer like a lost soul.

Maybe I also was not all you dreamed for in any case, it's all a personal mirage that we both live in.
I only feel tonight that I am losing you... I did not ment to hurt you.

The first time that I love you, the first time that I know you, the first time in your arms, I am born and I die.
My sweet love, do not go away, look at me, hug me and please forgive me...

(for the night spent on the side walk of Via Boccaleone street at Ferrara-Italy in June 2006)

Your things / Tu cosas

Photo : Teenagelobotomy87

Things, all around me there are your things and reminding me you a thousand things.
The black t-shirt, your blue schiarpa, little things, plenty, thrown in the house here and there.

And I can't hold my tears any more as midnight finds me alone to read your letters you left me behind.
To say bad words and to break like crazy things on the walls.
To say she can't be,s he'll return till the sunlight.

Things, so many things and I stand like lost and look a thousand of your things, everything that has left me from you now are only things.
One picture where we look each other, in the eyes, things that bring you in my mind every minute and I can't hold my tears any more.
I am braking for missing you...

Youtube madness or a social point of view?

Σταγνες μνμης / Goccie di memoria

Photo : Oneeye01

And me, longing for you as there were moments when I thought that my loneliness is my enemy, cold nights and you were away from me and I was longing for you. But now you came into my life and everything will be like it wasn't ever before, I´ll hold you tight in my arms, to tell you …

There were moments when I hated everything and me also, only God knew what I was going through in my empty life. But now you returned to me, to revive my dreams, and I´ll tell you what I feel in my soul...

I missed you a lot, you should know that I missed you a lot, my heart looks like pieces of glass, which got scattered because you weren´t close to me. I missed you a lot, you should know that I missed you a lot, your arrival gave me life, because my life is only you, amor mio … you!

And i know... i know for now that can not ask you to do more. You know something else ...? When i try to think to my past, i am afraid that i started to forget the faces, the voices and the moments that belong to them. Of cource sometime si think ... what should they do this moment, to who they are smilling at ... I am still in need of your adice mi amor, need of your glances and gestures. But then suddently i realize that i feel your gestures in mine and i recognize you in my words. So i thought that everyone that stays next to another, always leaves a part of himself on you. So ... is this the secret of memories... ? If that is true ... then i feel now much more safer with you by my side. Because i know now that i will never be alone.

Λθος εποχ; / Wrong time?

Contrada of Ferrara-Italy

Photo : The contrada manifestation in the Castle of the Estensi at Ferrara city-Italy
The photo was taken with my cell phone on the spot.

At a wrong time, it was ment for us to meet. A wrong time, is the one we are living now. What can i say, what can you say?

Wrong time yes but the dream is not ending. Wrong time so what tommorow brings? Who can tell, who can see?

And that's the way i love you and that's the way i touch you. And if i lose you here, i get you somewhere else for sure.

At a wrong time we're starting all over again. Wrong time yes but no time to seek for another. As long as you and me stay together.

you know that everybody was telling me to be careful of you and not to leave happen something between us and to fall in love with you.
Everybody was telling me to avoid you and to go far away, to vanish.
Everybody was telling me that I'm in danger with you and by any chance I'll even get tangled with you.
Everybody was telling me that it will be a mistake if in this passion I drift ands relay.

However, we heard nobody. We didn't obey their advices.
And we won, together with the end we advanced, we live the biggest love, we won all our fears and fighting their unger.
But we will succeed again as it is ment to be forever together.

χω ανγκη απ ... / I am in need of ...

Hug me Love by pAiXAuM

Photo by : Paixaum

I need one word by youa truth into the self-deceits and a hug to heal me from fatal loves of my past.
I need to sink into your deepest look to quail at the truth and to scupper myself to a lie.

I need to show you that I am now your fan with my palm to touch the fever on your forehead.
I need to feel you like a personal victory with many nights to pay the loneliness of your absence that belongs to me.

A cold November's night, a crippled night that only your eyes I remember as two flames into the dark.
A cold November's night which as I remember pains me, so many years that have passed away but this love doesn't go away.

Tonight I won't go out to the streets and in my dreams I'll look for you that you never have left.
I need to screem for whoever's arms you are sleeping in.
I'll wake up with you as your sweetest absence I need to love fro survive.

And thus forever I'll sail on the back of your wind.
As if you were an oath I'll take you which I would never break.
Eternally yours ...

( I would like to thank the Devian user Paixaum for the photo and for the collaboration. )

Χνομαι ... / Me pierdo ...

Sleeping Beauty by Papylou

Photo by : Papylou

Desde pequeño me gustan las fábulas eran la costumbre más dulce de mi madre.
Brujas, príncipes, sirenas, monarcas, y mi héroe que vencía a mil enemigos.

Finalmente pasó el tiempo de los cuentos y me quedé solo en la realidad del mundo y llegaste tú a mi vida, luz que se va una media vida, nunca juntos y nunca separados.

Me pierdo, me pierdo, se hizo pequeña mi ropa o así lo siento.
Me pierdo, me pierdo entro en un sueño y me pierdo sin ti.

Reservo un rincón en mi mente para entrar en esta fábula mía donde tú eres la reina y yo tu príncipe.
Para ser en este cuento tu héroe por siempre contigo.

Ταξδεοντας μαζ σου / Viajando contigo

Photo by : Krazykel

No me preguntes qué quiero o no me preguntes por qué no sé si te traeré el sol o la lluvia.
No me preguntes qué quiero o no sé qué decir y aunque no te conozco aún siento que te amo.
No me preguntes qué quiero y qué busco aquí sólo sé una cosa que quiero verte.
No me preguntes por mí pregúntame por nosotros quiero lograr ir adonde tú vayas.

Hazme viajar en un viaje sin brújula a cualquier parte, estoy contigo y no temo no te digo nada.

Algunos miran el cielo y se pierden yo no he aprendido nunca a escapar.
Algunos miran el cielo y se pierden yo contemplo tus ojos y viajo.

Hazme viajar en un viaje que realizan pocos, largo y sin destino porque esta noche y la noche después y también la siguiente

Ma esta notche no pasa no te tengo, no la soporto y me provoca en la oscuridad y la odio cuando no te tengo y me faltas tanto que yo cuando tú no estás conmigo, cuando tú no estás conmigo, siento que falto de la vida.

Hay una ragione, quiero que vengas aunque sea por poco.
Hay una ragione, no resisto màs y me convertiré en calle porque tú puedas pasar, me convertiré en lágrima para hacerte olvidar.
Cerca de mí quiero que tú estes cuando me despierte' la mañana.
Hay una ragione, quiero que vengas aunque sea por poco.
Hay una ragione porque es difficil resistir sin tin.