Sep 2006

Σε ευχαριστώ / Thank you


For taking in the rain when Im feeling so dry
For giving me the answers when Im asking you why
For that I thank you
For taking in the sun when Im feeling so cold
For giving me a child when my body is old
And dont you know for that I need you

For coming to my room when you know Im alone
For finding me a highway and driving me home
And you gotta know for that I serve you

For pulling me away when Im starting to fall
For revving me up when Im starting to stall
And all in all for that I want you

For taking and for giving and for playing the game
For praying for my future in the days that remain
Is for that I hold you

Ah but most of all for cryin out loud
For that I love you and when you're crying out loud
As you know that i I love you too.

The flame of hope is still burning ...


Photo : Jan Ingvoldstad

I am praying you'll love this heart of mine and that one day you will see that I'll give my love to you for to be faithful and true, as long as you do, the same for me.
This echo in my brain is driving me insane not knowing where we stand.
Do we take a chance at pain and fall in love again?

I am ready now and strong, willing so much to hold on to what I have with you.
Should we end before we start, i just to bare a broken heart and endure the pain that follows too?
I am ready now anytime to cross the finish line, and see the smile on your face.
You have to believe, trust me now and you will see.

All we need is a little faith to hope.

It may take a miracle to work things out, isn't that what love is about... to experience a love a lifetime or to love the one you hold, to tell them secrets untold and even to open up a heart, so many treasures to find for?
My heart and arms are open; I promise to never close them.
That is how I want it to be, to have someone to love, the one I've always dreamed of.
To love for eternity.

Λυπάμαι... συγχώρεσε με / I am sorry ... forgive me


I’ was feeling sad because I had no one to love on this day and no one to cuddle and tell my dreams to or even share my love with.
I wished I were like every other person, beautiful and skinny, so I could have someone to love and care for me... even if it wasn'’t completely real.
They were saying that everyone is meant for another, but why i couldn't even had a taste of love, just to know what it’s like?

At nights, I was sitting and wished I knew what it was like, just to get the late night phone calls that were just to say, "I love you".
Or when I’ was sick, to have someone to come and take care of me and bring me a get well card, or even just a kiss.

All these, are things I was dreaming of and wished, with all my heart, but with you passed away.

I care now if I don’t stay with you forever, at least long enough to feel what it's like.
To have you to tell sweet things to and share all my deepest secrets with.
Just seeing other persons with someone, holding and loving them, tears me up inside now, but I hold back the tears...

And I wait till I go back home to cry myself, to sleep and dream of how it all could really be with you once again HERE.

Please forgive me ... i still miss you ...