Jun 2006

Βεργίνα / Vergina


Minute by minute and day by day, my love for you was fading away.
I was no longer ached to feel your touch and no more i felt missing you so much.

My tears have stopped quicker than they came, and i realize now... that I am the only one to blame.
I gave you everything and even more, but yet, i threw you out the door.

For months I thought I was going to die if I didn't have you by my side.
But times have changed and so have I and it's time I moved on and never say again good-bye.

Minute by minute, day by day and the thoughts of you now will never slip away.

Άγ. Νικόλαος Ναούσης / St. Nicol of Naousa


I listen to the birds in the morning,
I listen to the crickets at night.
I listen to my friends,
I listen to my parents fight.
I listen to the teachers' teach,
I listen to the rain.
I listen to the preachers' preach,
I listen to the pain.
I listen to what's around me,
I listen to what can be.
So why do I feel like...


Ταξιδεύοντας προς Σέσκλο & Δίμινι του νομού Μαγνησίας / Traveling to Sesklo & Dimini of Magnisia region

Τhe meaning of Kellie Spehn


To love is to share life together
to build special plans just for two
to work side by side
and then smile with pride
as one by one, dreams all come true.

To love is to help and encourage
with smiles and sincere words of praise
to take time to share
to listen and care
in tender, affectionate ways.

To love is to have someone special
one who you can always depend
to be there through the years
sharing laughter and tears
as a partner, a lover, a friend.

To love is to make special memories
of moments you love to recall
of all the good things
that sharing life brings
love is the greatest of all.

I've learned the full meaning
of sharing and caring
and having my dreams all come true;
I've learned the full meaning
of being in love
by being and loving with you.

Για τον λόγο αυτό ταξιδεύω κι εγώ ...